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Tracing a stolen asset does not imply that this asset becomes available to its rightful owner immediately. Some factors depend on local legislation, in particular the speed with which a procedure is started and supervised. With its many years of experience, ABS-Tracer knows all the ins-and-outs of the procedures and can therefore provide you with the optimal handling.



  • The recourse and release of found assets
  • Repatriation of assets, vehicles and vessels
  • Taking care of complaints 552a Code of Criminal Procedure (SV) with regard to goods seized in the Netherlands. (e.g. for "duplicate and clone" vehicles)
  • Representation at the hearing; whether represented by a lawyer or not
  • Transport and storage/garaging
  • Mediation in sales, under the direction of the client
  • Locating stolen and/or embezzled assets
  • Securing of traced assets
  • Taking care of/assisting with legal proceedings in the context of recovering the found asset
  • Transporting vehicles back to the delivery address to be specified or selling assets in situ for an economic advantage
  • Inspection and re-registration of the VIN at the RDW
  • Removal of the theft signal A-87
  • Sale of repatriated assets
Years of experience


ABS-TRACER has a worldwide network of contacts and transporters, making t possible to provide our clients with a customised solution for retrieving and transporting their assets back to any desired address. A transparent quotation is provided beforehand so that an estimate of the expected costs can be made at the start of the assignment.

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