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Since its inception, ABS-Tracer has been continuously engaged in creating a European (24/7) partner network to make it possible to deploy the necessary efforts internationally.

For a quarter of a century, ABS-Tracer has been involved in worldwide research and legal returning of stolen and embezzled assets. The power of our large-scale international partner network has now proven its worth and has not gone unnoticed by insurance, leasing and rental companies as well as OEMs. An increasing number of renowned car manufacturers therefore use ABS-Tracer to monitor the follow-up and recovery of their factory systems. 


How do we investigate?

Investigation ABS-Tracer

Have you recently been the victim of a theft, fraud or embezzlement and do you want to proceed to investigate the circumstances? Our experts are available 24/7 to quantify the damage and investigate it further (fact-finding). The work to be performed on your behalf can consist of:

  • Verifying the damage claim
  • Interviewing the insured/lessee
  • Interviewing involved parties/witnesses
  • Writing an incident report
  • Exchange of information with police and judicial authorities – National Vehicle Crime Information Centre (LIV) and Dutch Vehicle and Driver Licensing Authority (RDW) – for investigation purposes
  • Informing contacts at home and abroad for investigation purposes
  • Placement of reward advertisements on internet/social media/newspapers
  • Investigation of stolen goods through research and analysis
  • In case of fraud, giving advice with regard to declarations and/or taking care of them in consultation
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Business and fraud investigation

Bedrijfs- en fraude onderzoek

Some aspects of the service include:

  • Internal investigation in the event of theft, embezzlement and fraud
  • Advising on declarations and/or taking care of them
  • Interviewing management and staff
  • Prevention advice

Are you curious we find a needle in a haystack?

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